Hi! I am Jacquie, and I am a daughter, sister, friend, mother of two amazing children, and the grandmother to 2 beautiful grandkids that lovingly call me Nana. I am also a single woman on the other side of fifty. Up until now my life was defined by my career, children, family, and my circle of friends. But now I am defining my life by what I like and living life to the fullest. And I am not apologizing to anyone for my happiness.

As the saying goes, “the eyes are the window to a person’s soul.” On the surface you only see the color and shape but if you look deeper, you will see their life story. From the outside you may look at me and think I have it all together, but the truth is I am blessed. God has shown me so much favor, grace, and mercy. It makes me treasure every single day. Just like everyone else I have experienced highs and lows, good and bad, the bitter and the sweet. Finding the sunshine in the rain is what life is all about.

Be an expert in your life, because no one can do your life better than you can. Learn how to survive your financial hardships, I was suddenly divorced at 49, and the struggle to support a child through a new diagnosis of epilepsy and so much more but I made it through and so can you. I have truly been through it all and continue to be, as I keep living.

I am uniquely me as I stand strong in my womanhood in my fifties. I am redefining what a woman my age can do, look like and how she lives her life. No one has the right to set your value or dictate how you live your life but YOU.

My vision with this website and other projects I will create will allow me to let my inner passion flow and the fire in my belly to burn through the creativity in my writings. Life can be what you make it – Get to living, like I do every day!

Be part of the conversations, write your story, live your life and apologize to no one.




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Discover why Jacquie says, “Find the sunshine in the rain”