Ways To Find Time For You

Ways To Find Time For You

When I want to find time for myself , I like to disconnect from all my devices, friends and family. It’s not about punishing anyone but loving yourself enough to devote time to yourself. Many times we find it’s very easy to think of others over ourselves and then have our mental health suffer. When you travel on an airplane and the safety instructions outline you should place the oxygen over your face before you move to assist your child. The same rule should apply for your mental health take the time for yourself because you deserve it.

There are also some really hard lessons we learn when we over extend our bodies, minds and energy for others. Over 30 years ago in my early 20’s I had a stroke. If you are saying, “WOW” you are right at that age I should have been living life but instead I was in a fight for my life. The small details does not matter but what does matter is how I got to that point in the first place. I did not know how to be selfish for me, and now today I get it. Love Yourself, find time for yourself.

Plan a trip or a staycation and invite just you. Learn the concept of saying “NO”, I will discuss the value of saying no in another post but you will thank me for this one. Find small ways to spend quality time with yourself each day and then work your way to adding more time each week, month then year until you have your sweet spot.

Find the time for you, because you are worth it.

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